European Union Twister

Acrylics and guache on paper. 3mx0.8m. 2017.

European Union Twister Game!

Make sure there are at least 3 players.  One will serve as referee.
The referee will spin the spinner, call out the moves, and supervise the game.
The referee spins the needle, and then calls out the body part on which the needle lands. All players must obey this direction.
For example: "Right foot!" or "Left hand!"
If the spinner points to the left half of the spinner then you must move it to your left.
For example: If you get a left foot, then you must also place your left foot to your left and not to your right side.
You do not have to take your shoes off.

How to win the game:

1. Stay balanced as you want to be the last one standing.
2. Crowd your opponent towards the edge of the mat. When you place your hand or foot on a flag, choose the circle that is closest to your opponent. Over time, this will reduce the number of circles that he can easily reach.
3. Let your opponents defeat themselves. If you can take up a lot of space, retain your balance, and outlast the other players, you may be able to keep the game going until everyone else loses their balance.
4. Be patient, be a good sport, and have fun. European Union Twister doesn't need to be about winning--it can be a great opportunity to laugh at yourself!